Live Steam Models of Vulcan Foundry Products

The word 'models' does not do justice to some of the following recreations of the foundry's products of which photographs have been sent in.

Vulcan Foundry Alexander Slate Company Limited kathleen 1876_small.jpg (241302 bytes)

James Gilchrist has sent this splendid photograph of the Alexander Slate Quarry's 'Kathleen' built in 1876 by the Vulcan Foundry.

This version built 138 years later is now running on Gauge 1 track.

Tim Coles GT3 Gas Turbine Locomotive

Tim Coles sent this photograph in of his re-creation of GT3 at 5" gauge. Tim says that  'after 10 years of research and construction I recently finished a working model of GT3 in 5" gauge. It is powered by a 5 Kw turboshaft from Wren Turbines in Rotherham. It won a gold medal and the Crebbin Memorial Trophy at the 2011 Model Engineer Exhibition.  The model will be running on the GTBA stand at the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in January (2013).

EAR class 31 Staplefords - John Wilks 
East Africa Railways 1955
EAR class 31 EAR class 31 photo

John Wilks has sent photographs in of his 1/4 scale replica of Vulcan built East African Railways 2-8-4 Class 31 locomotive and has been built to be as an exact a replica as can be achieved albeit running on Kerosene rather than heavy oil with all the controls etc being scaled down from the original from works drawings.

This powerful 10 1/4 inch gauge locomotive is a regularly works on the Stapleford railway and both the railway and the loco's owner would love to hear from anyone that was involved with the  31 class build or operation although I guess they would be very old now!

David Saunders 5 inch Gauge Vulcan East African Railways Locomotive

David Saunders sent this photograph of himself driving his scratch built 5" gauge Vulcan locomotive.

David says; 'Hi Graeme I have recently had a look at your Vulcan web site only to find a picture of a class 31 E.A.R 2-8-4 loco No 3108, the reason for this email is I own a 5in gauge model of this loco the same one on your site I could not belive my eyes when I saw it on your web site when you consider there was only 46 built. Incidentally my loco weighing in at 4cwt is a tiddler compared to David Wilks 10.1/4 gauge loco No 3103 which weighs 3tons!'